Anger & Anger Management Counselling Moorabbin

Anger management counselling Morrabbin
How often have we heard the phrase, ‘burning with rage’? Anger can be like the flames around a log that gets totally consumed. Anger is an emotion that when ignited, burns through our sensibilities and consumes us and we find ourselves behaving aggressively, irrationally or violently.

  • Like other emotions, anger is felt as an embodied emotion.
  • We get angry when our needs are not being met.
  • Often anger is aimed at someone who is seen as an easy target.
  • Whilst anger is a normal and sometimes useful emotion, it becomes a problem when the person does not accept having this emotions, represses it or denies having this emotion that is obvious to others around them.
  • Anger can be evoked from feelings of disillusionment and helplessness from previous experiences
  • Anger is an emotion that tells us that our needs are not being met.
  • When not explored effectively, understood and managed, anger becomes an impotent declaration of the person’s self-hood. This means that a person’s individual identity remains unfulfilled and the person has difficulty in mobilising the available and relevant supports to satisfy their needs.
  • Aggression often accompanies the emotions of anger. This is displayed in behaviour that people find confronting, aggressive, belligerent and antagonistic. People may also feel that you are ‘on the attack’ without any real provocation.

It becomes critical to address your emotions around anger as it stops being an emotions when it erupts and becomes violent, which is behaviour that is acting out the anger.

Violence can be committed physically, sexually, emotionally, psychologically and economically.

Therapy will help explore this signal emotion (anger) that is yelling out that all is not well in your world. Mindfulness strategies will assist in developing new streams of awareness, with new possibilities for experiences of change to occur.

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