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Counselling services therapy Moorabbin
People seeking counselling or psychotherapy often bring concerns about a relationship or their difficulties in daily life.  Therapy will attempt to explore how your values have been impacted by the predicament you find yourself in. We will work together to understand how these particular views and feelings began to develop and take hold in your earlier developmental years. Through the process of therapy, you will approach your lived experiences with a deepening awareness, being guided by therapeutic inquiry that you will eventually develop to make your own, and gradually understand how to live and respond to your needs authentically.Using the integrated therapeutic approaches (Psychodynamic, Existential and Gestalt principles and practice), treatment will focus on your subjective experience.

Individual Therapy

You may be experiencing a sense of meaninglessness, anxiety that can fluctuate in its intensity and/or depression. These are the most common terms (anxiety and depression) that we hear being used to describe something that just does not feel right in the way we are living, in our relationships. As a result we will often experience a fluctuating feelings of a sense of despair and distress that we are unable to manage. Individual counselling can be short-term (depending on the issues being addressed), or long term (again, depending on the scope of exploration and changes you are willing to make).

Short-Term Counselling

This means that the numbers of sessions are limited in their overall duration, which typically ranges from 5-10 sessions.  We will address your issues together in the context of identifying and agreeing on what the problem is.  Working with your own strengths and mental capacity, we will identify solutions towards achieving immediate and short-term solutions to better understand and manage your problems.Typical issues that are brought to short-term counselling are relationship issues, bereavement, work-related difficulties, adapting to life changing experiences and/or retirement, anger issues and addiction problems.

Longer-Term Counselling/Psychotherapy

Longer-term counselling becomes a consideration when you realise that the issues you bring to counselling are deep seated, and which require a lot more work from you and me.  Typically, your subjectivity, which is about that private inner part of yourself that encompasses your feelings, emotions, thoughts and perceptions, fears and desires, is what we will be working with.Long term counselling becomes a journey of self-discovery. In this ongoing discovery, we will work dynamically, carefully and respectfully with your changing self and I will support you through the changes that you make in your self, in your environment, in your interpersonal relationships and the community at large. We will explore your experiences in your physical, social, personal and spiritual worlds. Essentially, long-term psychotherapy aims to work on changing your personality.

Couples Counselling/Relationship Counselling

We are relational beings. We are born in relationship, hurt in relationship and healed in relationship. This means that we are always in relationship with someone or something. We are always a part of a bigger picture, which means that we are always connected with someone, whether we chose to remain closely connected, intimate or distant, the connection remains.Relationships are the domain where interpersonal conflicts thrive! There are varying points of strain, often felt at deep personal levels, and over time, the cumulative effect of these tensions cause deep fractures in relationships.Seeing that there are frequently two people (the two in relationship) in a session, the therapeutic process and dynamics will be different compared to individual counselling. The process can generate very illuminating and inspiring relational changes, and a deep learning experience for the couple.


Hypnosis or hypnotherapy is generally perceived with differing views, ranging from disbelief and scepticism to curiosity and fascination, and sometimes seen as fun! However, clinical hypnotherapy is a valuable tool to assist in accessing the deeper mental and psychological problems that people are troubled by.The source of much that troubles us today lies in the deep recesses of the mind, difficult to access because our ego structures (psychic complex or psyche) remain in active conflict!I may use hypnotherapy as an adjunct in my approach to counselling and psychotherapy. For example, it could assist in accessing repressed memories, that till now have remained inaccessible, and what remains important for the client in therapy, to become aware of.

Clinical Supervision

Counselling and psychotherapy are professions of ongoing learning, where the application of theory into practice needs to be appraised and monitored.I provide individual clinical supervision and am flexible with either face-to-face or Skype sessions. Issues that are typically explored are: client issues and goal-setting; case conceptualisation; intervention strategies; ethical and legal issues; counsellor/therapist professional development; supervisee-client alliance and boundaries.
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