My Approach Counselling

Brian Whiter - Counsellor Moorabbin

Brian Whiter – Moorabbin Counsellor & Psychotherapist

Over the many years of study and practice, I have come to understand that change is brought about by an exploration of a person’s subjectivity.

Our subjectivity (our innermost, personal experiences and reality) is the place where we live alone and in private, where we experience our most genuine emotions in our lived experiences, and in relationship with others. This is the place where we are at home with ourselves, a place where we seek refuge and through therapy, it is the place where we are renewed.

My passion as a counsellor & therapist is grounded in the principles that examine a person’s lived experiences, bringing to life the awkward, unanswered questions that ultimately provide life-changing experiences. The therapeutic work that we share together and that is brought to bear on your experiences will bring about new possibilities for change and an advance on the meanings that you seek in life.

An integration of Western and Eastern philosophies and practice continue to influence my understanding of the human predicament and the way towards finding meaning. I have systematically engaged in Buddhist and Yogic practices that support me in my own subjectivity. I remain committed to this integrated approach as it offers a sound basis for ongoing skill development, and a profound appreciation of the workings of our psychology and its impact on our existence.

Finally, I remain indebted to every encounter I have with my clients. It is in these encounters that I continually learn about our human frailties and the unique ways in which we attempt to make sense of our distress, which for me remains a truly gratifying and learning experience.

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