Confidentiality – Confidential Counselling Moorabbin

brian whiter
Brian Whiter – Counsellor & Psychotherapist

All that is discussed and shared in our sessions remains strictly confidential.

I will only discuss these matters with my clinical supervisor, as this is an ongoing requirement for maintaining professional registration with the peak professional bodies of Psychotherapy and Counselling in Australia (eg., PACFA and ACA). However, there are exceptions when I am legally required to break confidentiality:

  • when there is a court order to disclose relevant aspects.
  • if there is child abuse or neglect.
  • if there is an imminent threat of a serious nature to another person’s life.

If there are indications of suicidal intent or serious self-harm, our confidentiality agreement will not be broken. However, I would discuss the possibility of consulting with your treating doctor (GP) or making a referral.

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